Friday, April 13, 2012

Game Development Blog #69

Game Development Blog #69

"Sixty-niiiiine, dude!"

Sorry... sorry. You do realize that I am from the Bill & Ted's generation, right?

So, I want to change up the format of my blog a little (well, always). I am going to talk a little less Headcase-centric and talk more about the industry, at times. SO THEN:

PAX EAST 2012: I returned from my Boston trip a few days ago. Working up to PAX was harrowing, as usual - I was scrambling at the last minute to get my new GunHead flyers designed & printed, and a general website update in place (minor, but necessary). All told, both things got done satisfactorily. Two things which didn't happen at PAX - game(s) launching (not a shock) and panel speaking (rejected!) Ah well, there's always Seattle! Anyway, the show was kind of a wash really. PAX for most is all about fun-fun-FUN times really, I mean it is a fan-centric show. For me it's just a lot of headache, and a very strange "out of place" feeling which I can't quite put my finger on anymore. I am no longer a "studio guy" so my name really holds no cache with Joe Schmoe - as an independent developer, I am a designer/artist/producer/everything but coder, but for lots of reasons that labels me as "not really a developer" for many reasons (some, including myself, will argue with such an assertion!) And I am certainly not a what one would consider a hardcore gamer anymore, at least not by current standards. All of this adds up to feeling a bit out of place in a convention like PAX. In spite of that, it was good to catch up with some friends and meet some new ones, and also get to talk with some press folks (that's always very cool!) Sadly I didn't get to connect with any other developers, but that's on me really.

GAMES: Well, GunHead continues it's slow lumbering journey through development. I recently mapped out a pretty good development plan to see it through to advanced stages, just waiting for the momentum to get back. As for Trapdoor, I am polishing up the shell right now and wracking my brain to think of a good way to present the tutorial. The game is quite fun and presents well, I just need to wrap up already. iOS build is getting really good traction and that's got my spirits up. Hop Cop is in production at last, although this is really going to be an unusual case for me (more so) than the others so I am not quite sure how to chart it's development properly yet. I feel like I may have kinda "thrown that one to the wolves," but we will see what happens. A couple of other ideas have been living in my brain lately, but this is plenty to deal with for now.

WHAT AM I PLAYING: Yup, actually playing a couple of games lately! Actually, other than my usual go-to (Drop7, of course) I have found my way back to Advance Wars 2 for Game Boy Advance. I loved part I back in the day, it really was my favorite game of the moment when I first got my hands on it. Years passed and I never picked up another, then finally picked up AW2
on eBay and quickly shuffled it into a drawer for.. years. Anyway, needed something to play on my Boston flight and this game has sucked me in all over again, brilliant. I'd recently started on Dual Strike, but gonna let that one sit for awhile I think while I work through this game 1st (yep, here we go again)

WHAT ELSE: I am broke, and stressed, and depressed, so I am actually looking for a fulltime job right now. Headcase is still going strong (and I am still producing), but I need a way to make money and pay rent and all of that stuff. My game is still selling, but nowhere enough to help make ends meet and it's still long enough out before my next big production launches. I was thinking of putting a Tip Jar on this blog but it seems like a waste (not enough views, no one generally tips anyway) but make some noise if you'd actually donate and I will rectify that :) Note that I had one in the Headcase Store for a very long time and not a single donation (I am not complaining, just stating). I do honestly believe that I can make good money with GunHead however, just got to get that game wrapped up 1st ;)