Monday, November 5, 2012

November 2012 - Dev Blog Update

November 2012 - Dev Blog Update
4am and I am having a hard time trying to motivate to go to bed. I am sleepy.. but I am also hungry. And I am also wanting to do some work. My concession is to make an entry into my oft-neglected blog, and then turn in for some slumber.

Can't believe it's November, 2012 whizzed by in a flash. The year sure didn't turn out the way I had hoped, although that's not to say it was a bad year. Just kind of draggy (in spite of the whizziness). Shocking to see I am getting onto year four of Headcase, although most probably wouldn't have any idea since things have been so quiet for so long. I imagine I've got lots of company (plenty of mothballed developers following that initial burst of interest in mobile and independent development0. It's reassuring, then, that I still have my developments going on, even if they are pretty far removed from the limelight, a TON of (good) WOrk has been done and I rest assured that things will release eventually. I feel like I am not in a hurry to get there anymore, "it's done when it's done"seems to be the best one can hope for.

Was hoping to wrap up Trapdoor by the year's end, and I told the coders I'd finish up all the assets for a long time now, of course lots of things keep coming up and my momentum for that game has just been killed for awhile. I refuse to let the year end without lifting a finger to wrap it up however, so I will get to it sooner or later but the clock is getting pretttty close. I need to just drink either a bunch of caffiene, or a ton of booze and "do the dishes" on that task so to speak.

GunHead, as many like to mention, is still asked-about and of course has been on ice for some time as well for various reasons. It's in good shape (PC version) but needs a ton of work to get closer to the finish line. I'd rather let it sit and stew while I take care of other projects/things in life, but there's plenty of other 2D shooters launching next year and I'd hate to follow even a single one of them. We've got a good chunk of material already accounted for which could make for a pretty decent kickstarter pitch, it feels like I might be kinda late to that party.. but I could sure use the money and motivation. It's a thought.

Blast Rover has been the big push between Pat and myself the past 2 months or so. I believe I've mentioned it recently, it's gone from a little "whatever" project to something that is shaping up really nicely. He's got a ton of the game code down and concentrating on level design, and it's actually quite an addictive little game which could potentially do well for us if the circumstances could work out. I need to concentrate on building some pretty sexy graphics for this thing, but even in the early phase it's components look pretty nice. This is Android-only for now, but I would love to get it on iOS down the road, I think we'd probably get some good coverage actually. We need iOS hardware (like.. we don't have ANY at the moment!) Not a Mac to code on, not an iPhone or iPod or iPad or what-have-you to test on. If anyone out there is reading this and would like to donate to the cause, drop me a line :) Anyway, hoping to launch BR by the year's end on the aforementioned Android platform, but like I said - year's getting on..!

* * *

Otherwise, not much else to report. I've taken up residency helping my buddies at UpUpStart developing their skateboarding mobile game, it's been pretty all-consuming and there's a lot for me to do yet, but it is coming along. It's nice to be doing some 3D as well! I'll likely be on the lookout for other gigs as well, as this wraps up. Gotta keep the lights on!

Anyway, that's the state of affairs for the moment. Gonna use the last of my energy to brush my teeth and get some shuteye, thanks for reading.