Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Development and Life Update

Greetings programs! "It's been awhile since I rapped at ya.." Lots of thins going on over here, usually I just get so very swept up in it and writing about it has not really been of interest to me for a very long time. But for reasons known only to me, it seems that it is worth reversing that trend. So here goes, with a (hopefully) brief entry.

1st things 1st - let's talk games...

Blast Rover is done. I don't recall if I have mentioned much on it's status in recent entries, and too lazy to check, but yes it is complete - has been for several months now.  Well as complete as things get around here anyway. It's an Android native application, and will need some seeing-to in order to run on iOS, but that was in the cards. So it ought to work! Anyway "when can I play it?" you may wonder. Soon, soon. I'd love to see it get out there by E3 at the latest (said I for many past E3s) but really I am being realistic. Actually I have reason to make that happen in the next five weeks' time, honestly.. I am still doing a ton of work putting the promotional campaign together. It's really this whole other project in itself. So fear not, the game will come at some point. Hey! If you are an Android user, and are reading this, and want to play the game - just hit me up and I will send it to you right now!

Trapdoor - I partied in Vegas with one of the co-creators of the game, much was said. I showed him the iOS version, which he dug, and we discussed ways to get this project back on track. Like the above game, this on is fairly close to completion and it's getting on a year since I've really made any assets for it... so it's a matter of plugging things in. I have it kind of on the end of my short list, since it kind of requires the most finesse. But I am happy to say that there is still locomotion with this.

Jump Burger - actually I have been putting a bunch of hours into this one lately. Dan has been doing a stupendous job wrapping up the coding and such. I've been tuning the background graphics quite a bit lately, going to sit in on that for another hour following this blog entry and see if I can get something to at least hand over to him. Finally I am starting to feel pleased with the aesthetic of this game. Like the others I feel it is very accessible and fun & exciting to talk about.

There you have it concerning the main Headcase projects. Much other work has been going on with other game development as well during my day job, which has nothing to do with the above discussion. Needless to say it's all very exciting stuff and I am really happy to be getting my hands dirty doing more experimental work, and putting together the logic and play control on my own. That is all part of a much larger conversation, but for now I will leave it as a footnote.

Had dinner tonight with a couple of friends, we worked together...uhhhhmmm... 2002! Oh crap, that was a long time ago. So much has happened in each of our lives since then. They are both doing extremely well (coders) and well on their way to becoming millionaires - if not so already. Me, I am more in line with a hundredaire route - oh wait - what is the jargon for someone who has tens of dollars? Anyway my payday will come! Perhaps.

Lots more to say, as usual, but I wanted to keep it brief and so I'll hold to that. 1am and I'd like to get some artwork done. I'll be back soon - thanks for reading!