Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beta Testers wanted!

 Help us beta test our game!



Attention fans of Headcase Games - and lovers of fun, near and far!

After a lonnnnnnnnng gestation period, my 2 cohorts and I are nearly ready to unleash Blast Rover on the world(s).

We are at the 98% mark and need to get a little feedback from some testers now. I have a PC build and an Android build to submit. If you are interested, please email me or give a shoutout to twitter @headcaseGames. All I request is that you give the game at least 10 minutes of your attention, and fill out a brief online survey following your experience. Be harsh, but fair!

Please only participate if you are interested in providing useful feedback. Thank you :)

ABOUT THE GAME:  Blast Rover can be described as a cross-breed of Super Meat Boy and Moon Patrol.

You must pilot an Armored Planetary Rover across the 8 planets of our Solar System, recapturing 20 levels in each World from a menacing Alien Empire.

Each level is filled will countless alien monsters to destroy, mind-bending puzzles to navigate, and dubiously-placed treasures to capture! A true test of reflexes, skill, and wits, Blast Rover is perfectly suited for pick-up-and-play or long sessions of action-packed exploration.

- 4 challenge modes per level
- Insanely detailed graphics
- Incredible electronic soundtrack
- Simple controls for both keyboard or touchscreen
- Unique Mechanics that evolve as you play
- Loaded with content, this game will challenge you for HOURS!


- Pat Derosby/ MTMB Studios (Design/Coding) - (Null Divide, Mute Crimson)
- Ron Alpert/Headcase Games (Art/Concept/Production) -  (Lords of Magic, Caesar III, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Alpha Protocol, 180)
- Sad Sic (Music)