Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I have a feeling like writing in a blog that you seldom maintain is a lot like shooting small capsules of air out into space. Technically, you are doing something interesting, but you are the only one who will ever be aware of it, and it will never yield any kind of result whatsoever, and if anyone ever caught you doing such a thing, they'd believe quite strongly that something was probably wrong with the chemicals in your brain.

That being said, I am going to make good on my promise to update this blog in a daily manner, and also to keep up the steady stream of releasing a full game every fortnight. I can't believe I've already released 14 games in the past month's time ALONE. "Super Headsquisher" has been tearing up the charts, and "Help My Knees Are Asleep" is performing surprisingly well in the zombie survival action category. I'm putting the final touches on the "Facebook Murder Racer" RPG which is Headcase's first foray into the foreign markets, it will be interesting to see how that one performs. Make sure that your keyboard is hooked up, though, because we are really having a tough time tracking down this nasty crash bug which seems to wig out pretty badly if you've not yet done that.