Sunday, June 14, 2009

Retro Game of the Day! Tutankham

Tutankham is a tough-as-nails arcade (and later console port) released by veteran dev Konami back in 1982. Man, this game was tough! (or, I am just weak) Maybe I never gave it enough of a chance, I never remember getting more than a couple of screens in.

Tough, but enjoyable. I think the control was a little funky and I never played it enough to get into that rhythm - anyway you are a little explorer dude, pretty much I recall you needed to collect a key and make it through the exit, and pick up some treasures for bonus points along the way. Snakes and thinkgs would try to kill you (one hit, baby!) and there were little warp points you could pass through to maneuver about the maze.

The challenge in this game is controlling your offensive ability - you shoot your "whip" left and right, though you cannot attack vertically (however your enemies can still nab you moving up and down). The challenge is to not get stuck in a corrider when one of those monsters is pursuing you!

A cool game for sure, I remember biking to the bowling alley and feeding quarters into this game. It was gross and brown-looking, but something about it was always tempting and made me keep coming back for more punsihment - it's still good for a few rounds, even today. They sure do not make 'em like this anymore!!

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