Monday, September 28, 2009

Retro Game of the Day! Buster Bros.

Retro Game of the Day! Buster Bros.

Yup. It is the Buster Bros (or Pang). A clear rip-off, to some degree (character-wise) of Mario and Luigi. No one cared though (or seemed to play it). Released in arcades by Capcom ( thought so!) and Mitchell in 1989, and ported to plenty of systems.

So what is this? Well, a single screen puzzle-shooter type game. Clear the screen of all bubbles without being touched/killed and you will advance through the rounds, sounds good on paper! You start with a kind of grabbling hook to stun, it's pretty weak - but powerups are the name of these games, and you get equipped with all manner of 'em (better shot, time freeze, etc)

The game itself isn't bad, looking at these screenshots (for the time) it was pretty well done - but some bonehead designer must not have wanted to go out and and promote his project so well, that I expect there's plenty of people who've not ever even heard of this.

Buster Bros isn't without it's flaws (let's face it, this is a strange game!) But a fun little romp, if you have the proper temperament and patience to play through a game like this!

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