Monday, December 28, 2009

Retro Game of the Day! Robotron:2084

Retro Game of the Day! Robotron:2084

Yep, today is Robotron:2084 by Vid Kids (aka Eugene Jarvis), published by Williams - arcade release in 1982.

So, this is one of the comes-around/goes-around classics of all videogamedom, I would assume that there aren't many people out there who've still not heard of Robotron but then again - what I don't know often surprises me.

"Save the last human family" - you are a warrior tasked with destroying wave after wave of robot enemies, and protecting/preserving the remaining humans in each level before they are destroyed by the same (killed, or turned into murderous mutants themselves). Each level is a single screen of nonstop mayhem, passed only when the last opponent has been eradicated.

The game utilized a revolutionary control layout - two 8-way joysticks, the left controlling movement and the right controlling aiming for your unlimited firepower. Few (if any) games have since made such a notable, yet simple, modification to a control scheme and been so noteworthy just in that fact.

Robotron is an extremely simple game on paper, in execution it is quite complicated and requires a combination of strict attention to the onscreen action, hyper-charged reflexes, and deft hand-eye coordination to pull off split-second movements in order to avoid death.

This is a game that chews players up and spits them out - a small, but devoted, fanbase still proclaims that this is one of the true "videogame tests of champions." I find it hard to disagree!

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  1. I'm not so sure the fan-base is all that small, at least among game developers.

  2. Well you know, all things being relative (compared to, say... GTA, COD, Zelda, or Halo fanbase of course..)

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