Monday, January 25, 2010

180 for iPhone - Hi-Score Contest on Facebook WINNER!

180 for iPhone - Hi-Score Contest on Facebook WINNER!

Congratulations! If you've been directed to this page, that means you've won a prize in our contest! Or, you just stumbled here randomly on your own, in which case you get nothing at all.

To claim a prize, you must do 2 things:

1. Post a status update on your wall saying this: "I won (name of prize) from!")

2. Make a Facebook post on this page saying that you won (something along the lines of "I won (name of the particular prize) Thanks Headcase Games!"

After that, email me with "180 contest winner" in the subject, along with your name and the day you won/prize you are due, and we will go from there.

Please note that you must do all of this within 3 days of being directed to this page, or the win is void.

Thanks for playing and enjoy your prize - please help us to spread the word of this competition, and check back often for more exciting contests!

Please note - you are ineligible to win a prize more than once every 5 days!

Support us, pick up 180 on iTunes!

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