Monday, May 17, 2010

WIN a copy of 180 for iPhone!!!

WIN a copy of 180 for iPhone!!!

That's right - to celebrate the release of a new promotional app, we are holding a new contest to win a copy of our new hit action-puzzle game 180 for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Here's how to win:

You need a Twitter account and at least 10 people following you.
Watch our blog, we publish a mini retro-review every day taking a look back at the games from the good ol' days. Everyday, Headcase Games' own Twitter account will broadcast a tweet linking to the new Retro Game of the Day.

Simply retweet our daily retrogaming tweet every day - starting from Tuesday, May 18, until this Friday, May 21 and you'll be entered in a contest to win one of 10 gift codes good for a copy of 180 for iPhone (if you already have the game, we will gift you a different app of the same value). Make sure the hashtag #180game is at the end!

That's all you have to do. Miss a day (or don't retweet it in the same day) and you are out of the running, so keep an eye on us! You must retweet before 12am midnight Pacific Time of the same day.

The BIG news is: Starting this Tuesday, May 18, we will be running a much bigger contest for a much heftier prize! This ain't merely no $100 iTunes gift card either! I'll give out the details later, but for now I will say this: It's more a test of skill than luck, and buying (or winning) a copy of 180 is your entry fee into this contest. Further details will be published upon release of our promotional app.

Good luck!

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