Sunday, July 25, 2010

iPhone App Game Development Blog #34

iPhone App Game Development Blog #34

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180 for iPhone - same ol' same ol'. Not much to report over here. I bought an iPad for the winner of the Achievement Contest this week and that is currently in transit, when it gets to him I will try to use that as an excuse to spur on a little conversation. Things are at a standstill with further development, I still need to make a new icon and revamp the iTunes presentation for this game. It's hard to get very enthusiastic about any of that right now, since I realize the biggest promotional push that could be done at this point would really be to release another game altogether, and that's not happening anytime soon. Growth has dropped off and things are very cold - still I have some people talking about the game and a few contacts to mine yet, which is cool. In spite of my tone, I am happy that Headcase Games' presence is still growing at a decent pace (in spite of lack of new product, or even much talk of any) - there's the irony for ya!

What Else is Going On - to be honest, things are just really quiet right now, practically on ice. As is the case with some other developers, I spend a lot of my hours trying to secure some way to bring in the money and I am chasing some freelance work right now. It's taking priority, and if it gets secured then it will just make everything in my life much easier (including properly continuing on with Headcase, and releasing more original titles that we own). I'd love to have some ideal to stick to "keep steadily developing and releasing our own games, or bust" but at this early stage, after 2 released titles which haven't gone on to some larger success the growth (and possibility of depending on it as a source of income in the meantime) is just not fast enough.

All that being said, it's absolutely been one of the busiest times in my life. Work is always busy (whether you are actually getting paid, or merely chasing down a gig) and there's so much maintenance to be done. I think things are going pretty well considering - though I'd like to turn the page of a few larger lingering projects sooner rather than later. I still have some rough ideas for other games I'd like to put out, and it would be very nice to follow up on them at some point.

Siggraph has snuck up on me once again, it starts tomorrow here in Los Angeles. Back in the day this was a really big deal to me, particularly as I was trying to get a solid career in the film FX/computer animation field. As gaming's become my forte, the concentration on purely the Computer Art scene has fallen by the wayside. Still, I will be attending some days this week, to promote my games as well as make some connections and see what's going on. If there are any other mobile devs around for the event, feel free to drop me a line!

Developer Highlight - I want to start a new semi-regular section on these development blogs where I give a nod to other little indie devs like myself, who've put work out there which is worthy of attention. Today's shout-out goes to Tile Isle, a little developer I came across during the Twitter Journeys. They've got a couple of very-nicely assembled browser games available, of particular note is December 2009 release "Blasting Agent," play it for free here!

It's a clever little throwback sidescroller/run'n-gun with some really nice sprite-art and chiptune music, reminds me of that recent Spelunker game which has been making the rounds. This game is nicely designed and absolutely worth your time to investigate, I wish they could port it to the iPhone or something so it could get some more well-deserved exposure (it looks like something which would do quite well on that format!)

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