Tuesday, April 12, 2011

180 for Android Launches NOW!

180 for Android - Available NOW!

Want a chance to win a free app of your choice for your iPhone or Android? We have daily contests - see below!

That's right - our very popular iPhone app has broken through to the Other Side!
The new Android version of 180 is both all-new and very familiar at the same time - we've rebuilt it from scratch, the code is all-new and so are the assets. The game is rendered in beautiful 640x960 resolution, and it looks incredible on a tablet.

Better yet, we've got 2 versions of this great game for Android. 180 Ultra for Android (USD $1.99) features several modes, characters and themes, right from the get-go. However, you can also pick up the standard-issue 180 for Android (FREE). It's got the exact same content as Ultra, you must simply play the game to unlock all the features. Wanna hear the best part? The final unlock removes all the advertisements! Simply play the game long enough (10 hours) and the full game is yours for FREE, with no advertising at all!

180 is an extremely highly-rated game on iTunes and is poised to conquer Android as well. It's a simple pick-up-and-play affair, you'll learn the rules inside of a minute; once you figure out how to play, you'll start to sense the depth of strategy we've designed into this beast. 180 is bright and colorful, but don't be fooled by the friendly looks. This game will make you cry as it builds up your confidence, then crushes you beneath a relentless wall of candy-colored coins. Practice hard and develop strategies and you can easily dominate far into the higher levels, but as the game gets faster you'll have to keep evolving your technique, or you are gonna fall.. hard! The gameplay is quite addictive, so you will learn from each loss and only come back stronger!

(Contest currently inactive)

How'd you like to win your choice of any iPhone App from iTunes, or Android App from Amazon AppStore (max value at $1.99)? Here's the opportunity to do that; come back every day for a new chance to play!

To enter, you must satisfy two conditions:

1. follow @headcaseGames on twitter
2. simply retweet this message at least once a day

That's all there is to it! Winners will be notified by a DM on twitter.
-You must live in the USA to participate
-You must claim a prize within 24 hours of notification, or it is forfeit.

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Now, go grab 180 for your Android - Full unlockable game, with ad-removal - it's FREE!

Also available on iPhone!

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