Sunday, June 21, 2015

Light up, and let GO!

Greetings programs! A lot has happened lately, so let's just tear into it like savages, why don't we.

BLAST ROVER released on Android - yes this has finally happened at last. The game was begun in Q3 2012, and expected to release by the following summer. Well, a ton of things happened preventing such a thing, and the whole project wrapped up a good deal of time later. To be honest I've basically been sitting on it for a good 6mo now, waiting for a sensible time to release. Actually, to be fair it's a "soft launch" as the iOS version is still being ported; when that wraps up, I'll make some proper noise trumpeting the release of the game. Hopefully that shouldn't be more than a month out, but it's hard to say right now.

Anyway if you are a supporter of Headcase Games, please grab the game and rate/review on Google Play. And tell you friends to do the same! (I know, no one actually does this)

You can grab Blast Rover from Google Play here.

JUMPBURGER submitted to iOS - damn it is a hat trick! Yes, just this afternoon Dan and I went about the final sweep of testing/bugfixing and last-minute prep, and submit a build of the game to Apple. Unlike Android - which resolves in hours - Apple has a vetting process as many of you may know, and that could take weeks before we are notified if the game is ready for sale or not. Anyway at this point we are planning to launch around the 4th of July, if the stars align (get it??) Watch this space for more news as this develops, or for a link to the game when it is actually available.

E3 - yep the biggest annual gaming event in the world was held here in Los Angeles last week, and I did attend it, however briefly. In the past several years my E3 experience has been kind of erratic, for numerous reasons. I barely spent any time on the floor this year, and while I was there it was mostly claustrophobic and annoying, too many people! I actually didn't really have time to get around and see much of what I would have liked to, but I did hit the important things - meeting up with some friends, checking out Indiecade (however briefly) and of course distributing a bunch of flyers for the just-launched Blast Rover. That may have been in vain - for the moment - but all part of the show, and in fact it was still useful for me in the after-hours parties I attended which were just really good times.

DAY JOB - I am still at DAQRI, and it is interesting and going fairly well. I am finally trying to throw my hat into the ring and start attempting to learn some C#, which is way out of my wheelhouse - but very necessary. So we will see how that all goes..! I have lots of AR plans in my head which I want to spend more time fleshing out, hopefully I'll be able to show off some of that stuff in some capacity at some point.

SO - WHAT'S NEXT? Good question! I am still working on the promo materials for Blast Rover, which are currently presentable if incomplete. I've been living in that stuff for ages! But very proud if how that is all looking. Also, I will throw my weight back toward Trapdoor, which has been untouched for quite some time now but I'd still love to wrap up and release. Now that the other two games are mostly off my desk, I can put more energy toward making this happen. And remember GunHead? Yes well I still think about this game all the time, and the various permutations it's existed in. As I get further through code deciphering, well let's say now that I do have a project to start sandboxing with.

And you! Thanks for following along, please help out and spread the word about our games. It really means a lot.

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