Saturday, August 15, 2009

Retro Game of the Day! Kid Niki

Retro Game of the Day! Kid Niki

Kid Niki - Radical Ninja by Data East/Irem, released 1986 to arcades and ported the following year for your NES. Ah yes. The salad days of the 8-Bit Machine. Or something like that. Oh my would you look at that box. This is definitely one of the Top-10 NES Boxcovers ever designed - how tough is that! Punk Rock Pink. Heavy Metal Mullets. Dripping Bloody Sword, fresh from slaying your rivals. Look at that Groupie Chick Trashy Princess. Oh man, I want a Kid Niki poster to liven up my living room..!

A wonderfully weird cartoony platformer game, your alter-ego was a mulleted ninja warrior fighting to rescue his girlfriend/princess/whatever. Who cares - any excuse for a quest!

You had the usual assortment of running and jumping abilities, as well as a spinning sword with which to lay waste to the creepy enemy ninjas (which, to this day, I believe Nintendo ripped-off when they designed all the ShyGuys!)

The whole game was pretty cute and tongue-in-cheek, full of weird bosses and crazy characters (see Death Breath, above, who huffs and puffs and launches enormous Japanese Kanji Characters at you!) It's a fun, likeable little game, I really enjoy the style they've got going. Typical game world, it's great stuff!

The game is full of weird hidden passageways and secrets that the novice player will never know about, the only way to discover them is by creeping around and ducking in strange unexpected areas, I have no idea how I randomly found them when I was a kid (too much free time, I suppose). I haven't touched it in ages myself, now's as good a time as any to fire it up and explore some radical ninja action!!!

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