Monday, August 3, 2009

Retro Game of the Day! Whip Rush

Retro Game of the Day! Whip Rush

Whip Rush - an early entry into the stable of the Sega Genesis shooters, I picked this up because I was STARVED for a title released by someone other than Sega! This was released in 1990, published by (long-gone) Renovation.

The game was your standard shooter. It sold because, at the time, it looked nice and was quite colorful, the music was boppy, it just looked really clean and inviting when compared to the lower-tech NES titles which were all that was going up against it at the time (TurboGrafx was completely botching their own follow-thru). This title wasn't much to say about - pick up different powerups, different options, shoot everything and don't get killed.

A tough game, as usual I would set it on Hard which meant I'd never get more than a few levels in (usually 3/4) before I ran out of patience when the game got too much - but they managed to put a nice bow on this package, might not look like much now but at the time this was good lookin' business, the real deal!

A solid blaster with powerful weapons and tough bosses, colorful varied levels which just got more and more trying, any R-Type guy would love this. They followed this up with a game called Arrow Flash, which looked like it should have been all this and MORE, but that ended up being a phone-in - stick with Whip Rush for an investigation into the Genesis' early shooter days, though there's certainly better places to go from here, you'll find a challenging and good-looking early title.

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