Monday, October 5, 2009

Development Blog #9

iPhone App Game Development Blog #9

Howdy friends! And so we have another development update for Headcase Games - wondering where things stand? Well, you've come to the right place! Let's dive in -

- Indiecade! People are asking me "how did it go?" Well, that's a good question, 'cause I don't know! I was pretty excited to check this out - however, it was apparently not in the cards, and we never made it to the event. Okay, we did make it over there if you want to be technical about it, but it appears someone made a huge gaffe on their website and said it started on one particular day - when in fact, it started a different day. Whoops! The team (well, the two of us), having got dropped off at the show, flagged down a bus and headed back empty-handed to our home base, dejected. Some super-greasy Middle Eastern food raised our spirits somewhat, unfortunately our individual schedules were pretty packed for the next few days and we didn't check out the show after all. Easy come, easy go!

-180 - the new title by Headcase Games! People are asking "what's going on with your game?" Well, the game is coming along. It's had a strange genesis, and we are both very happy withit's progress. I'd say a good 90 percent of the gameplay is well-situated in there right now - one more major element to tackle and then we can begin tightening the screws and wrapping the thing up. While Programming is concentrating on that business, I am trying to come up with a satisfying aesthetic for the whole thing. It's rough - we are making a puzzle game, for the iPhone, and really aren't there more than enough damned puzzle games oozing out of the iPhone? Certainly - though, this doesn't change the fact that ours is damned good and deserves to stand unique along the likes of Zuma, Tetris, Peggle, Drop7, Bejeweled et al. Yeah, I went there. Our game is at least as addictive as any of those comers (and unique enough to deserve a place among their ranks). So the big challenge is to get the vast unwashed masses hip to the notion that "this game exists and deserves a chance too!" Well, I am working night and day on it, just you wait. This leads us to-

- Headcase Games' social network. Just as important as developing an app, is a little brand that represents that app, of course. And to do that one must take advantage of millions of advertising dollars to buy plenty of placement. But if you're broke, and you haven't millions of dollars but rather hundreds of pennies, one must instead resort to what is know is guerilla advertising - or as I like to call it, "'Brute Force-'ing it." This means I will likely be running down the streets fof Hollywood naked on the even of our game's release, beating up policemen, screaming naught but the name of my game (all in the hopes of getting on the evening news). Yes, bail will be expensive, but Hey!!! It's for the good of the brand. In all seriousness, it's not quite that extreme, but I am doing what I can to figure out what alternative methods there are to put the name (and notion) of our forthcoming app out there. First up - think of a better/catchier name than "180." "iFist" was a great name for our 1st release, and got us a fair bit of buildup - perhaps for our new (completely unrelated) project I should just call the damned thing "iFist your Grandma while Sheep watch." There's a whole untapped market out there.

- apps - I have been playing/buying a lot of apps lately, since acquiring an iPhone of my very own (I will love him and hold him and kiss him and call him George). Tempted to mention it here but I might just start a new semi-regular section in my blog devoted to app reviews. I was thinking of doing it daily (ahem "Brute Force" as mentioned above) but that might be starting to get a little ridiculous, unless I get bowled over with requests for such things. Blogging is fun but it does eat up time, and I'd prefer to actually develop the game then just write about it all day.

- local iPhone dev meetup - this was held in Hollywood last week, it was a good time! Besides HcG, friends from Last Legion Games ("Polyghost," "Watchmen") and Race to the Moon ("Synth Racing") were in attendance. There was a lot to discuss and we had a great time. Looking forward to the next meeting at the end of the month. I will likely attend the local IGDA meeting tomorrow night - mayyyyybe. The last one was a bit blowhard-y and obnoxious.

I guess that is all for now. As usual, we request feedback on anything you have a mind to speak on - our blogs, our games, our philosophy - feel free to shoot over an email to tell us you love our work, to complain about it, or just to say hello and let us know you're out there! Support Headcase Games and spread the word - join our Facebook, RT our Twitter messages, name your children after us, send us money and coke whores (okay you can scratch the last one)

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