Thursday, October 29, 2009

Retro Game of the Day! Chiller

Retro Game of the Day! Chiller

Chiller by Exidy, arcade release 1986 and NES (unlicensed) port 1990 - I had no idea there was a port of this, until just now!

Ohh, Exidy. I suppose there's a reason why we haven't heard from you guys in several years - mind you, this was the same company that developed "Death Race" even before this, which became famous for letting you run over people. Exidy was Rockstar notorious, back in the day - before that became in vogue, anyway.

So! Chiller! What have we here? This is one of the reviews where I feel like I could just cut off right here and let the pictures speak for themselves. The arcade was one of those units that only consisted of a big rifle bolted to the cabinet, and all you had to do was shoot, shoot, shoot before the timer expired. A very morbid horror-themed shooter, the goal was to kill bats, creatures, monsters, and (ulp) poor tortured people. Gruesomely!

I almost feel a little strange to list this in here alongside the likes, Mr. Do! and Jr. Pac-Man, but this was what I saw in my arcade, growing up! Obviously, this game was made by some very disturbed people, to be enjoyed by that same niche. Well, it did stand out, I will give them that.

It does make one wonder, what if a modern-day Chiller were released? There is no way this thing could come to market, but then I guess we have things like that game Manhunt, so it's not impossible. The cheesy/cartoony graphics of this title make it a little easier to swallow, but if they released such a gratuitously violent game in the modern age, you can be it would be met with more than a little opposition.

And, yes. On the NES box, it does say "Dead People are Cool" on the Tombstone. 'Nuff said.

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