Monday, February 15, 2010

180 for iPhone - Facebook Contest Rules C

180 for iPhone - Daily Hi-Score contest on Facebook!

FACEBOOK CONTEST RULES: You must post a screengrab when the situation calls for it (high score, daily challenge, etc) as noted in the contest requirements. Here's how to capture a screenshot off your iPhone (LINK). be sure to post a link to the screen either in the daily contest's thread, or on the wall if you are unsure.

In order to post, you'll need to store the image somewhere. We suggest free services such as, twitpic, or flickr; we recommend not to use your own Facebook album as we may not be able to view it depending on your privacy settings.

If you win the contest today, you are ineligible to win until 5 days afterward. Unless otherwise noted, a contest will end as of midnight PST following that day.

NOTE: You must have a US iTunes Account (or, if noted, US Amazon Account) to participate in Today's contest (check back another day as we also have international contests!)

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