Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Retro Game of the Day! Ken-Go

Retro Game of the Day! Ken-Go

Ken-Go by Irem, 1991 arcade release.

Here we have some fancy feudal sword-fightin' courtesy of one of the better developers out there - I have never seen it in the wild, but sometimes you find some random game on MAME and it just fits the bill!

This is pretty standard fare, you are a samurai who must run to the right and jump on things and kill lotsa ninjas. It's actually quite basic (one-button attack, up to jump, down to drop) but kind of nice in its simplicity, if a little stiff.

Something I did notice about this game, it's a bit rough; obviously this was designed to be a quarter-eater, the bosses will pound the crap out of you even though the regular foot soldiers are easily dispensed with. The key to this game is mastering the sword-energizing technique, which registers as a strong hit on many opponents.

Not a bad game, and a fun play through (though certainly not remarkable!) Check it out if you feel like letting off some steam!

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  1. I've honestly never seen this game before, but it looks like something I would have loved during my "arcade days".