Friday, April 23, 2010

Retro Game of the Day! Sky Shark

Retro Game of the Day! Sky Shark

Sky Shark by Taito, arcade release in 1987 (and later ported to the NES).

Another Toaplan game, ported to NES by Software Creations. Not your normal shooter-devs, how did it fare?

Quite wonderfully, actually! They totally took some pages out of the good book of Capcom's 1943 and ran with it, to produce one of the most satisfying shooters the NES ever saw!

A little colorful (in, perhaps, an unattractive way), the game is rock-solid and intense the likes of which you would seldom see in this manner. SS was a favorite of mine and I am ashamed to say I never actually picked it up - rented it, but now is the time to right that wrong!

If you love intense blasters, and aren't a little shy about getting your butt a bit beat - definitely check this game out. There's a lot of meat here, despite the blase screenshots. Hectic combat, peppy music, and heavy (but satisfying) challenge!

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