Thursday, June 3, 2010

Retro Game of the Day! Cyber-Lip

Retro Game of the Day! Cyber-Lip

Cyber-Lip by SNK for their Neo Geo in 1990.

Here's one of those games you've just got to love. For one, look at that awesome B-Movie looking boxcover with the uber-cheesy manga art. Also, the game is called Cyber-Lip. Moreover, there's actually a giant cybernetic pair of lips in the game. I could go on..

..and I shall. This is obviously an homage to the greats like Contra, and even a predecessor to Metal Slug in many ways (shared some staff I believe). Cyber-Lip isn't as good as either of those games, but it's still no slouch. And for an early action title on the Neo Geo, it wasn't bad at all.

There's a few things that set this apart from it's brothers.. unlike the other games mentioned, you can keep a stock of different weapons handy to switch between, adding a nice element of strategy. A big letdown is the lack of vertical shooting ability, however. Also like Slug, you get limited ammo for your special weapons, so blasting away maniacally is not going to be recommended.

Otherwise, you have a pretty little sci-fi outing to enjoy, if a bit unspectacular. The early Neo Geo games all looked a fair bit better than the competing 16-bit systems, so there's tons of color and nice spritework in most of these games. This is one of those titles I will play through just for the eye candy!

A strange little title (literally) that made me scratch my head when it was announced "wha.. Cyber-LIP?" and I suppose there's a good reason why this got discontinued whereas Metal Slug still gets sequels. A forgotten little blaster from the days of old, grab a buddy and get killing!

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