Friday, June 11, 2010

Retro Game of the Day! Fire Truck

Retro Game of the Day! Fire Truck

Fire Truck by Atari, released in the arcade in 1978. Is this retro enough for you?

Interesting, compares this game to Ridge Racer. So let me start the review appropriately, "Fiiiiiiire Truuuuuu-uuuuck!"

It may look like an old-tyme popcorn machine, but really it's just an old-tyme arcade machine. Yes kiddies, arcade machines used to be in black and white!

Not much to look at now, but at the time it was fun (hey,the screen was scrolling, and there was a recognizable shape on-screen, what else did you expect!) Still, it was novel and fun. Designed for 2 players, each player steers a section of the truck (front player gasses and breaks as well). I played it once or twice with my dad, before they removed it from the local arcade. Not a deep game, but it represents a distant point in arcade prehistory where you'd see interesting things pop up now and again!

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