Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Mystery Sprite" Contest!

"Mystery Sprite" Contest!

And so, it is time for us here at Headcase Games to get experimental with it, once again, to paraphrase Will Smith, as we dip our toes into the waters of yet...another... contest.

Yes, we are the only developer who's contests far outnumber the actual amount of products we've released. But enough of the self-reflection! And on with the skinny..

Periodically, there will be a "mystery sprite" from Gaming's Past posted over on the wall of our Headcase Games Facebook Page. I will grab a character from some previously released game (usually a retrogame, shocking I know, but to mix it up we will feature some modern games as well, particularly iPhone games). I won't get too obscure with it, but it's not gonna be namby-pamby easy either!

How to win? Simply identify the sprite (or mesh, if you insist) by name (proper name if applicable) and also note the game it is from. This means if the character has an actual name you must correctly state it (you cannot just say "oh it is one of the bad guys from River City Ransom" or "the ship from Xevious" or something, if I can locate it's actual name then you must give it!)

Incomplete answers will be disqualified. Once you have the name/game, then post a comment under the Facebook entry, that's it! (discussion of the character/game under the entry is encouraged)

What's the prize? Glad you asked my friend, glad you asked. That would be a $1.99 iPhone app, any app of your choice, so I hope you have an iTunes account! Of course you can play if you haven't, but I am not going to substitute a different prize.

Good luck, have fun, and pass the word on!

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