Monday, August 16, 2010

Retro Game of the Day! OutRun

Retro Game of the Day! OutRun

OutRun by Sega (Yu Suzuki developed), arcade release in 1986 and ported to the Sega Master System a year later.

Who doesn't love OutRun! Nearly a distant memory for gamers now, but in the mid-1980s this represented a drastic departure from traditional racing games (usually Formula-1 themed) with a much sportier style and lush exotic environments to race in.

This game released during Sega's arcade heydey, the bravado of which has never completely disappeared (see the recent Initial D arcade machine!) OutRun was quite the triumph with not only a sitdown cabinet, they installed hydraulics so you could physically swivel and tilt in your "Ferrari" as your game car did the same.

The onscreen presentation was gorgeous, to match. Most racing games to this point were fun, if technically a bit drab - the occasional scaling billboard or pile of tires. OutRun dressed its world up with many beautiful backgrounds, starting with a tropical beachside city and following through several European-flavored locations.

Make no mistake, though, the game was difficult. Racing games in the 80s were brutal, mess up once or twice and there was no way you were going to make your checkpoints. However, the presentation was so strong that players were more than eager to feed quarters to this machine!

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