Thursday, January 27, 2011

DAILY 180 CONTEST 4: Play 180, Win Silverfish!

180 for iPhone - Daily Hi-Score contest on Facebook!

Hear ye! Today's challenge is a test of endurance! You must compete to see who can score best in Drop Attack Mode of 180 (v1.1) and post a pic of the game over screen for a chance to win a copy of the gorgeous-looking Silverfish for iPhone, generously donated by the kind folks at Chaotic Box! (worth $0.99)

Anyone can compete in today's challenge, even if you have previously won a contest this past week! IMPORTANT: Scores will be judged against to all others who post/participate in the contest thread today, not going by all score posts shown on openFeint.

The 5 best-scoring players will each receive a copy of the game, judged after midnight PST. 1st place will get a special bonus prize as well! Oooo mysterious! I'll say this much, you will like it!

Drop Attack
plays very differently than the other two modes in 180. The goal is not to clear large chains and combos, but rather to get "through" as many pieces in as quickly a time as possible. You need to develop some very unique strategies to do well in this mode! There's a depth marker on the right side of the screen to help visualize how far you have gone: lower depth = better score.

Your score must post online! You must be sure to favorite 180 within openFeint so we can easily verify the score in your game list. Be sure to grab and submit a screengrab showing that you completed the task and add it into this post (upload the pic somehow, perhaps imgur or something, and then put a link to that inside your response to the post. Or put it into your Facebook album, and then copy the tiny text below it "to display this image publicly...")

Full rules & info here.

Good luck - now get dropping!

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