Monday, January 31, 2011

DAILY 180 CONTEST 7: Play 180, Win Dead Space!

180 for iPhone - Daily Hi-Score contest on Facebook!

Another day, another contest! Up for grabs today is the recently-released Dead Space by EA for iPhone ($6.99) You know you want this!

To win Dead Space, you must play Endless Mode. Again the rules are going to be a mystery until the contest ends - last time we awarded a prize for the median score, what will today bring? Submit by midnight (PST) tonight and we'll award this incredible game to one lucky winner!

IMPORTANT: Scores will be judged against to all others who post/participate in the contest thread today, not going by all score posts shown on openFeint.

Your score must post online!
You must be sure to favorite 180 within openFeint so we can easily verify the score in your game list. Be sure to grab and submit a screengrab of your OF page showing that you completed the task and add it into this post (upload the pic somehow, perhaps imgur or something, and then put a link to that inside your response to the post. Or put it into your Facebook album, and then copy the tiny text below it "to display this image publicly...")

Full rules & info here.

Good luck - now get to work!

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