Monday, July 10, 2017

The Unstoppable March of Summer

Dang it how is it July already? I swear I wrote that last entry just a couple of weeks ago! Weeks, months, same difference, it all means the same thing as time passes I suppose.

Things are alright, I'm a couple of months into my job at Deluxe. I've got some good work behind me and picked up some very good tricks - also I've been coming home and working a lot on my Vive project. What was barely a sparkle in my eye in the previous update, is coming along quite far at this point, I am happy to report. For various reasons it's kind of shot up the Ladder of Importance on it's way to get further through development and release, I am aiming for this fall in some shape or other. Knowing my track record it probably sound terrible, but I've been having a blast with the development and am eager to strike in this relatively trendy market while it's not yet completely oversaturated (say what you will!) Happily, the VR project shares a ton of tech with my Hololens project StarCrab so I am definitely accelerating them both, at least in part.

Lots to say otherwise, as usual - I am sad to see that my older apps (namely 180) will soon be struck completely from the Apple App Store, although it's been technically unavailable for over a year now, so maybe there's no difference really. Anyway it motivates me to want to continue on with Flip Master (180 followup) sooner rather than later, but of course it is taking a backseat to the VR game as well for the time being. Still, those who care should know that it is on my mind.

Interested to get my hands on the Apple ARKit, I'd love to have an app or two - something small, at least - on hand when those start to launch with the new iOS. This is all at the back of the bus of course, but important to think about, and I have more than a few unfinished AR things lying around which would fit that bill nicely. We'll see.

I have a lot of deeper info to get into, but right now I want to quit procrastinating and return to development! Hopefully when I post next, I'll have some video to show off from my Vive project. Thanks for reading.

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