Friday, July 3, 2009

Game submission coming very soon!

I guess I can use this blog for things other than just pushing old-timey games on people!

I am proud to say that I've tested the build for our debut title today and it's nearly feature-complete. Just a couple more screws to tighten and I think we will be ready to put this puppy to bed - should submit to the App Store by the middle of next week I'd wager. I am eager to start posting some videos and screenshots so people know that we actually have some product to push!

Our first title represents our initial foray into this new development medium. Traditionally, my partner and I have been concentrating on highend console and PC development for several years now, and this first app's real purpose is for us to figure out the pipeline of working to iPhone specifications and all that involves. We have a whole array of ideas ready to roll out, but rather than spend a lot of time trying to build something huge and monstrous right out of the gate, we decided to keep it light so we could work out the kinks and, basically, measure how long it would be to produce everything... not just the coding, design, and art and FX assets, but also kicking the whole website and social and marketing ends of things all into gear. Yup, it has been a labor of love!

In consideration of all of this, I can proudly say our project turned out well and it's a neat little app. It's absolutely a well-put-together, enjoyable little game that will keep you coming back more than you would think - aren't those the most devilish kinds?

Keep your eyes peeled as we'll have more information on this title availabe quite soon!

As for our future releases, has fairly well mapped out our plans for the rest of the summer and into the fall. Now that we've got our initial pipeline blueprint out of the way, we can implement that and begin to carry out our other ideas. We've gt some titles we are very excited to put together and release, I say with no false modesty that I am actually very excited (as a gamer) to see some of these come to fruition myself and I think a lot of you out there will be a bit surprised (in a good way!) to see what we've got in store for you! Remember, we are a tiny company, so that means we are not exactly muscling in on the big budget productions right now - but creativity and innovation is only limited by imagination and perseverance, if you see where I am going with this..

Watch this space, Summer 2009 will be a fun one!

- Ron

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