Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from the Front! Development Blog #2

What's shaking everybody! I thought I would take a few minutes of your precious, precious time to spill out my soul and guts for a few minutes. I spend way too much of this blog talking about retrogames, and not really very much talking about actual development. Not for lack of things to say on the matter, mind you--

Things are going well. HeadcaseGames' debut title, iFist, has been in submission at the App Store for getting on a week and a half now. Hopefully it won't sit in there for too much longer! Watching the scene as I have been, this is normal and I wouldn't be surprised if another week passes before things change. This is how it goes, and I am not going to be like one of those other devs "ohhh I can't stand the wait!" Well yes it's a drag, but really the market is so crazy anyway that when these things hit, it's a whole other kind of anxiety! Personally, I am just excited to have reached the point where we could get to submission. (Now it is in someone else's hands - I can concentrate on something else!)

And yes I have been busy. As any other little indie dev reading this blog knows, when you are a tiny operation, there is nothing except tons of other things to be taking care of, around the clock. Plotting ideas for different games - minding all the marketing, the twittering, the blogging, the facebooking, reading all the boards to see what everyone else is saying, keeping a keen eye on the bigger boys as well (consoles/PC) and what all is going on in that field, maintaining all the in-betweens (support websites to promote the products) and of course keeping a sharp eye on the partners we're immediately working with, both outside and inside of the company. For a guy who used to do nothing besides concentrating on the art end of things, suddenly my schedule is a lot more full..

Well, it is a blast, I will say that much (it has to be, haha!) Though it is tough going at these early stages, one gets a certain amount of pride from wrestling from the ground up and seeing lots of progress wrought at their own hands. Game development is not easy - but it's also not the hardest thing in the world, one just needs to be a little wise, and very persistent..

I will contribute more development entries into this blog in the future, somewhere in the neighborhood of (at least) one a week. I could write in here every day (I'd love to!) but I'd rather use that extra bit of time to concentrate on development - and I think our audience ultimately wants well-put-together games rather than lots of rambling about it!

Next time I will talk about our debut app and how this has come to be. Stay tuned!


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