Friday, July 17, 2009

Retro Game of the Day! Head On

Head On, released in 1979 (or thereabouts) by Gremlin/Sega/Tehkan/Tecmo....../Nintendo. Yup, this is one of THOSE games which released in a variety of different periods from a variety of different vendors on a variety of different formats, you know the drill. Unlike a game with a similar messed-up history as, say, R-Type, this game is considerably less well-known, and therefore deserving of a little moment in the sun..

Simple little game here, one look at these screens should tell you that much! You control a little F1 Racer, your goal is to Pac-Man style pass over a series of dots through a maze while avoiding your rival (another F1) who is constantly trying to smash you in a Head-On collision, kamikaze style. All you can do is accelerate, accelerate FASTER, and change lanes during breaks in the maze walls.

Not a terribly deep game, but for it's time it was an interesting little diversion (also interesting to note, due to the release date this preceded Pac-Man - though who knows which game was the first one to establish the maze and dot-clearing motif in general? That, I do not know!)

Despite it's extremely primitive appearance, the game is fun to this day and it's quite challenging as well. Your rival will pull in at every turn to try to destroy the both of you - if memory serves, extra cars show up in later levels to complicate things further. Tecmo released a version over ten years later for play on the JPN Gameboy (that's the one I enjoyed). A frustrating, yet addictive little game that's good for a spin, check it out! Get your HEAD ON!

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